Plugin Development Introduction

In the previous courses, you learned about WordPress, setting up an IDE, and coding standards. At this point, you are well-prepared for plugin development.

To begin, you can visit the WordPress Plugin Developer Handbook to learn about the basics of plugin development.

Explore these videos for insights and tutorials on Plugin Development. This section comprises 6 modules with a combined duration of 36 minutes.

Video ContentTime
Introduction to Plugins04:18
Basics of Plugin Creation12:48
Software License, Activation and Deactivation Hooks08:26
Uninstall Methods 04:09
Best Practices02:51
More on Activation and Deactivation Hooks04:08

Following are the reference links of the key concepts/topics of plugin development that you can refer to:

Once you have understood the concepts outlined in the above handbook, go through these valuable resources by Pippin Williamson.

While you’re learning how to develop plugins, it’s a good idea also to become familiar with the different HTML elements used in the WordPress admin area (wp-admin). It helps the elements to fit in and look like the existing user interface.

You can have a quick reference of the WP-Admin Dashboard here.

If you still need more information or guidance on WordPress plugin development, take a look at these videos from | (CC BY-SA 4.0) –

Thomas Vitale: Getting Started With WordPress Plugin Development

Alain Schlesser: OOP Plugin Development Basics 

WordPress Plugin Development: Best Practices