Codebase and Environments

VIP Go Codebase

Go through VIP Codebase documentation.

We have forked Automattic/vip-go-skeleton GitHub repository to rtCamp/vip-go-skeleton and added custom changes which are required in most of our client projects. Custom changes include:

  • .github – GitHub Actions for PHPCS and auto deployment to internal development server.
  • client-mu-plugins/misc.php – Common custom functionality for non-production environments etc.
  • phpcs.xml – For coding standards we follow includes, WordPress, WordPress-VIP-Go and WordPressVIPMinimum.

VIP Go Environments

Go through VIP Platform environments documentation.

Initially, VIP Go provides a production environment only and we need to open a support ticket to ask for development and preprod environments. These all environments are connected with the respective branches of GitHub. Example: Master branch is connected with Production site and so on. Whenever we push the code changes (merge the PR) it will auto deploy on the respective site.