How to check Nginx, PHP, and WP Debug logs

EasyEngine [V4]

Basically, when you run an EasyEngine command everything will be stored in a debug log. This debug log can be found at :


Nginx Logs


#access log

PHP Logs


#access log

Other service’s logs such as Nginx-Proxy, MariaDB, Redis, etc. can be found at their respective directories at location :


Helpful when you want to purge single page cache or want to check if cache exists or not. This operation supports regex. So, if you want to remove all cache key having a specific keyword you can do that.

Redis key purge

docker-compose -f /opt/easyengine/services/docker-compose.yml exec global-redis redis-cli --eval purge_all_cache.lua 0 , '<cachekey>'

Redis list keys [displays the keys available matching the regex]

docker-compose -f /opt/easyengine/services/docker-compose.yml exec global-redis redis-cli keys "<cachekey>"

Redis display key content [what content has been stored at that key] [helpful when a key is generated but has different content than expected]

docker-compose -f /opt/easyengine/services/docker-compose.yml exec global-redis redis-cli get "<cachekey>"