Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

Custom Post Types provides a lot of benefits for plugin developers. According to Elementor, Custom Post Types (CPT) allows WordPress developers to build more complex sites, implement changes easily, and reduce their project development duration.

But WordPress doesn’t come with many post types available by default and the most commonly used post types are posts and pages. Now, here are some other post types that come with a standard installation of WordPress –

  • Attachments
  • Revisions
  • Navigation Menus
  • Custom CSS
  • Changesets

You can read more about them in detail from this Post Types support article.

By the way, you can always create custom post types for displaying portfolio, testimonials, recipes, etc., for your next project and name it whatever you want depending on your website’s requirements.

You can also create custom taxonomies in WordPress. By default, WordPress comes only with Categories, Tags, and Post Formats, but you can create new taxonomies for the same reason as above.