Goal: To do SEO on a Real public website

The search engine optimization requires a public site as bots of different search engines will be accessing the sites and indexing the pages and analyse the content for SEO.

Please follow these steps and set up a website along with SEO configuration.

  1. Create a WordPress website of your choice
    1. If you have a personal blog, then that is better as it will save time for Google’s indexing and search console data collection. 
    2. If you don’t have a personal blog, you can either create one or ask system team to get a new website created for you.
  2. Work on the SEO for your personal or newly created site.
    You may have to perform these steps if it is not done already.
    1. Install and configure SEO Plugin
    2. Set up the Google Search Console
    3. Create and submit a sitemap
    4. Create a free account on & add your site to that.
  3. Get the website and accounts reviewed by Trainer or Leads.
    (Contact your L&D team for further assistance)