Web Development Fundamentals quiz is for students, freshers, and in general, anyone who wishes to secure an interview with rtCamp for the WordPress Engineer (Trainee) role.


The quiz is a mix of programming questions and architectural concepts among a few other things. For the programming part, it focuses on HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PHP, and MySQL — things that make WordPress. On the other hand, there is a decent emphasis on security and data structure concepts that directly translates into secure and scalable enterprise WordPress applications on which more than 40% of the web relies. 


The quiz is in multiple MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format with a few notable tweaks:

  1. A question can have any number of choices from 2 to 10. This is not another MCQ where multiple means four choices always. 
  2. Many questions can have more than one correct answer. In some cases, all choices could be correct.
  3. The choices will be presented in radio and checkbox format to see your attention to detail. 
    1. When choices are in radio format, there will be only one correct answer. If you feel multiple choices appear to be correct, pick the most correct one. 
    2. When choices are in checkbox format, it won’t mean that there has to be more than one correct answer. Checkbox questions can have a minimum of one correct answer and a maximum of all correct answers. 
  4. Further, for checkbox formats, you need to precisely tick all answers. Only then you will be awarded a point for the correct answer. 
    1. If you tick more answers including a mix of correct and incorrect answer(s), then a point will not be awarded.
    2. If you tick some right answer(s) but it doesn’t cover all right answers, then also a point will be not be awarded.
  5. Each question has 1 point for the correct answer. There is no negative marking. So if unsure skip a question. You can revisit a skipped question later on.
  6. There are 75 questions and 60 minutes. Time management is the key. Since you won’t be able to pause the quiz, it’s better to take any break before the quiz. The good part is you can start the quiz anytime including weekends and/or any time of the day.
  7. You are free to use Google. Consider this an open book exam. 
  8. Be careful not to go overboard with seeking others’ help. The quiz will be followed by a technical interview where your answers will be discussed with you in an interactive manner to test your knowledge before you will be enrolled in the training course. 
  9. If you find any issues in the quiz itself, please take a screenshot and email it to [email protected].

Results and next steps

A minimum score of 60% is a must in the quiz to be considered as PASS.

But passing the quiz is not enough. You also need to demonstrate PHP skills by completing a PHP programming challenge. If this sounds cool, go ahead!

p.s. if you have any questions, you can write to [email protected]