Go Live Checklist

We have listed a few points to test the site before we go live.

  1. Cross-check the site in for performance testing. E.g. webpagetest.org Share the report with the developer.
  2. Install and configure W3 Total Cache and WP-DBManager plugin.
  3. The theme must pass W3C Markup Validation. You must deactivate plugins before running W3C validation
  4. Contact Form if present – Make sure form settings have client’s mail id and submission will be sent to the clients email
  5. Any extra files, like Github cache, must be cleaned before uploading final theme file to the client-server
  6. Menubar – all the links should navigate to the live site and not our demo/info site.
  7. Social networking – all the links should navigate to the client’s ID and should open in a new tab.
  8. WP Admin username and password – It should not contain any references to “rtcamp”
  9. The latest theme must be uploaded on the live site.
  10. All the required plugins must be installed and configured properly.
  11. All the necessary categories should be created.
  12. Remove all the test data and fill up with the client’s data if in scope.
  13. Make sure that settings under reading are done properly.
  14. Ensure that settings under “Media” are done properly.
  15. Themes must be packed as “zip file” and should be uploaded as standard WordPress theme to the clients WordPress
  16. Do Search and Replace (plugin) after uploading the database from the test server to live server
  17. Remove unwanted plugins which are not in the requirements of the project – E.g. Search and Replace.
  18. Confirm the file permissions as to what mentioned here.
  19. Ensure that the admin’s email is the client’s email address and not the personal/company email address.
  20. Once the site goes live, make it visible to the search engine, and if it presents the test content then don’t do it.
  21. Styling for default WordPress widgets.
  22. Check robots.txt on your theme and make sure wp-admin and wp-includes are blocked on client-server.

Once the site goes live, do the sanity testing to cross that everything works as expected.