WordPress now ships with Gutenberg as the default WordPress editor. It takes a new block-based approach to create content where everything on your page is considered a block (headings, paragraphs, images, etc).

You can easily add, remove, and change the order of the blocks. This is definitely more interactive than the previous TinyMCE-based editor and makes things easy for casual WordPress users.

The purpose of this course is to step through the fundamentals of creating blocks and extending the block editor and its UI.

Before taking this course, one must go through the WordPress Editor lesson of Using WordPress course to learn about block editor if you haven’t.


Please check the “Materials” tab for prerequisite knowledge for the course.

Credits: Block Editor HandbookGutenberg Examples


Block Editor (Gutenberg) is developed using React. You can create custom blocks with very minimal React knowledge but for better understanding, you must know basics of React. Following official documentation will help you to Learn React.