Become a WordPress Developer!

This course is put together by a panel of experts who are working in the industry for over 10 years. You will get a detailed overview of WordPress Development and you will get to know its core concepts and fundamentals.

You can start the course without any need to signup – but signing up will be better as it will help you track your progress along the chapters you are finishing. This course covers modern WordPress development practices that will help you take your career to the next level. 🚀

This course consists of 12 chapters and is aimed at anyone who is aspiring to become a WordPress Developer.

Program Features

The Main Course

One course to learn how to develop custom WordPress solutions for large enterprises and to contribute to the WordPress core

Relevant Lessons

Twelve detailed lessons carefully curated with relevant and important topics. We value your time and want to provide maximum value

Important Topics

This course covers important topics that will be essential for you to get a solid foundation of the concepts and fundamentals of web development

Practical Assignments

This course also has some practical assignments that will help you practice what you are learning and help us track your progress.

Bonus Materials

We provide industry-wide resources including blog posts, documentation, and videos that can give you more context about the important concepts.

Golden Opportunity

We are always hiring! And by completing this course, you get an upper hand in the selection process. So register today and join us!

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