Welcome to rtLearn! 👋

rtLearn is rtCamp’s learning portal created to help students and fresh recruits become better WordPress professionals. We also use this same portal for our campus hiring. What brings you here?

Campus Program

In our campus program, every 6 months, we provide free WordPress development training to 20 people. Our campus program is open to all — college students, dropouts, freshers, or people with some work experience. The program stays the same for all.

You will be paid Rs. 50,000/month during the training.

The training requires you to be present full-time (40 hours/week).

There is no legal or moral obligation to work with rtCamp after training. You are free to quit anytime. Although we would appreciate it if you serve the WordPress community in some capacity, even in ways unrelated to rtCamp.

We are currently hiring for its January 2022 and July 2022 campus batches.

WordPress Course

All recruits from our Campus hiring program through formal development courses during their first three months. Most of these courses are based on a master WordPress Development course that is public.

If you are looking to enroll in our campus program, you can go through this course to set your own expectation about professional WordPress development.

We have released this and a few more courses with the CC0 license. It means if you are a fellow WordPress business folk, you can use these courses however you like to set up your internal training process without any copyright issue.

Finally, you have no obligation to work with rtCamp or in the WordPress ecosystem if you decide to take this course. It’s completely free by all means.