Become a better WordPress Developer by signing up for this free WordPress Development Training Program. Curated by real WordPress enthusiasts and experts, this program covers a wide range of topics involving modern WordPress development.

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The WordPress industry is only growing larger every day and we need more developers who know how to build web applications that scale.

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn WordPress development and is aspiring to become a WordPress Developer. This course consists of 12 chapters, and each chapter covers topics on WordPress and the various steps involved in WordPress development. See some of the salient features of this training course below.

Program Features

1 Course

By enrolling in this training program, you can learn how to develop custom WordPress solutions for large enterprises. And, you can start giving back to the community by contributing WordPress core


12 Lessons

Each lesson has been carefully curated with only the relevant and important topics. We value your time and have omitted some concepts which might not be needed for development.


63 Topics

Topics included in this training program range from setting up a development environment and theme/plugin development to testing and debugging. We have also included some bonus topics.



Assignments will help us track and evaluate what you have learned. It will help us get a better understanding of you and the knowledge you’ve gained. Also, if you’re able to crack the assignments easily, it’s time for us to take it a tad difficult.😉

bonus materials

Bonus Materials

After each topic, we have shared links to external resources like blog posts, documentation, and videos. By following these links, you can learn more about the topic in depth. We recommend you check them out as and when you come across one.

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