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The purpose of this course is to learn the fundamentals of the Full Site Editing paradigm of the WordPress ecosystem. After going through this course, the learner will be able to create and manage FSE compatible themes for the WordPress websites.


WordPress Basics and Template Hierarchy

Since FSE builds upon the concepts of the classic themes and core WordPress functionality, it is recommended that the learner must be familiar with the WordPress basics and how it implements the current theme functionality and its template hierarchy. 

You can learn about the basic WordPress ecosystem and usage from [here] and the basic theme development from [here]. Template hierarchy can be learned from [here].

Block Editor

Full site editing implements the blocks throughout the site creation and development process. So, a familiarity with the blocks is recommended to understand the paradigm better. You can learn about the Gutenberg Blocks [here].

Course Objectives

After the completion of this course, you will be able to –

  1. Understand what FSE is and its applications in the WordPress ecosystem.
  2. Use of various tools provided by the FSE paradigm such as Site Editor, Template Editor etc.
  3. Block Themes’ creation and management in both the GUI and the codebase.
  4. Difference between the Classical and Block Themes.
  5. Create/Maintain a FSE theme/website hosted on WordPress.