Creating Core ticket

WordPress is an open-source CMS platform that is used by millions of websites around the world. It’s free and available under a GPLv2 license. There are thousands of contributors who help to make it better every day, which means that anyone can add new features or fix bugs in the code. If you have found a bug or want to suggest a new feature, please create a ticket at the WordPress trac.

Make sure to search for current tickets before creating a new ticket. If your ticket has been created and it is not the first time you have submitted it, please check the progress of the previous tickets and participate in them.

There are many reasons why WordPress recommends this approach:

  • It helps the community better understand the problems that need to be solved.
  • It helps the community to prioritize tickets and ensure that they are being addressed in a timely manner.
  • It provides additional context so the community can better address your issue.
  • It ensures that all feedback is captured in one place, which will help the community provide a more accurate response.

Use keywords that are relevant to the ticket while searching, additionally choose filters that separate out the tickets based on components.

Creating a ticket

Go to for a new ticket

WordPress Core contribution new ticket form

The details for new tickets are as follows:

Summary: Title of the Trac Ticket.

Description: Explain the issue, explain as much as you can. You can also upload screenshots directly to trac. A lot of people use screenshot programs like cloud app and Lightshot. Any service will work as long as it is reliable.

Type: Bug, Enhancement, or Feature Request

Version: – Which version of WordPress are you using to produce the bug? (eg. The trunk is currently in 6.1 and once that is released Trunk will be in 6.2)

Workflow Keywords: ( common ones) 

  • Reporter Feedback (needs more detail from the actual reporter of the ticket) 
  • Needs Patch (needs a patch ???) 
  • Has patch (either you or someone has submitted a patch to this) 
  • A full list of keyword descriptions can be found here.

If you don’t know what the keywords mean, don’t apply them. A more experienced contributor will take care of it.

Priority: Again, a core committer will most likely set the appropriate priority. It’s better to skip it.


  • Default Themes are called: Bundled Themes as they are bundled with the core. 
  • Post Format is about Post Format’s 
  • Widgets are about Widgets 
  • Full list of components

If you are unsure just leave it blank, more experienced contributors will take care of it.