PWA UI testing

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are a set of design principles. Modern browsers are capable of providing features that are usually utilised by native applications on various operating systems.

The basic difference between a PWA and a responsive app is that it does not require any installation like an app but it supports all features of APP. More about PWA check here.

If PWA is enabled on site check the following points:

  • Responsiveness and browser compatibility: These apps are based on Progressive enhancement principles. The progressive web design strategy is to provide basic functionality and content to everyone regardless of browsers and connection quality while delivering the most sophisticated page version to users whose newer browser can support them.
  • PWA should be compatible with all browsers, screen size, and other device specifications.
  • Check if the images are appearing properly on site with PWA enabled
  • Check if the CTA’s are shown correctly
  • Check the site performance
  • Cross-browser testing