How to start measuring web performance

The first step towards achieving good web performance is to measure the performance of the site. You can make use of these great tools to measure and understand the performance of the site.

The developers can add this web-vitals library to the webpage while developing the site and check the console. You can add the following code at the end of the page. You will not need this script on production, so be sure to remove it from the production environment.

<script type="module">
  import {getCLS, getFID, getLCP} from '';


For detailed instructions you can check the readme.

Developers can directly measure these metrics from the developer tools of Chrome browser.

Web Performance Tooling – Google I/O 2016

Another great resource to learn how to measure the performance of the website and how to analyze each of the metrics.

Find out top devices for web optimization

Find out which devices are most used and have high traffic on websites from. 

You can find this in the Google analytics of the website if the website is old, live and connected to analytics.