FSE Introduction

Full Site Editing is one of the recently added features in WordPress. It has been introduced in WordPress 5.9. FSE mainly focuses on the user editability of different site templates without making any changes in the code.

Full Site Editing is the umbrella project name for various sub-projects within Gutenberg:

The core concepts of FSE are:

  • Site Editor
    • Site Editor is used for building a site using blocks, layouts, templates, menus etc. Site Editor is supported in Block Themes. To Edit a block theme you can go to Appearance > Editor to open the Site Editor.

  • Blocks
    • Blocks are individual and customizable components of a template or page. We can build a page, post, template etc, by combining multiple blocks together.
  • Templates
    • A list of block items collectively is known as a template. A template can be used for a page, post, archive, etc.
  • Block themes
    • The themes which support blocks and can be edited with Site Editor are called block themes. They have a theme.json file that can be used to configure theme support and options.