What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source web content management software (CMS) that can be downloaded and installed on one’s own server. With WordPress, you can create various types of websites, from a simple personal blog or portfolio site to a full-fledged eCommerce website or a news magazine serving billions of web pages each month.

Because WordPress is written in PHP and requires a MySQL or compatible database for storing content and settings, it also requires a web server to handle HTTP requests and serve web pages. WordPress is compatible with most web servers, including the Apache Web ServerNGINX, and Microsoft IIS.

WordPress started as a simple blogging platform, but today is used as a CMS as well as an application framework. It can power many things such as eCommerce, LMS (this site), membership sites, communities (social networks), and backend for mobile/decoupled applications.

From individuals to Fortune 500 companies, WordPress serves users of all sizes and scales to meet their diverse needs. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Is WordPress difficult to learn? No, it’s not. WordPress is easy to grasp. It has a massive community that is highly engaged, and there are plenty of individuals ready to assist if you seek help. However, to excel at anything, you need to learn the fundamentals and continually enhance and practice your skills. A healthy dose of curiosity is also beneficial!