Using WordPress

If you are a campus hire, as a part of evaluating your performance in this course, we would like you to start a blog and share what you learned and how you felt after completing each lesson/topic on it. It doesn’t need to be long, just a few sentences on what you learned each day is enough. 📋

If you don’t have a blog yet, we highly recommend you to start one either by self-hosting it on your own server or by creating one for free on

Make sure you are sharing what you have learned each day on your blog until you reach the end of this course. This will also help us evaluate the topics covered in this course and let you keep track of what you have learned each day throughout the entire duration of this course.

Eating your own dog food

We believe whatever Good Work rtCamp has accomplished with WordPress has something to do with our own publishing roots. We started using WordPress to run our blog network much before we touched its codebase.

Likewise, when you use the product you are building, you will have first-hand insights into a user perspective and you will empathize with them better. This approach will help you become a better WordPress engineer. Now combined with an age-old dairy-writing habit, and you will see yourself evolve faster!

p.s. you are more than welcome to use any other WordPress hosting.